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Frequently Asked Questions...
How do I make money with this?
You charge each client a monthly fee of anywhere between $147 to $197 per month. All of that money goes directly to you. We don't take any commissions. I even include a short video showing you the simplest way to collect payments directly from your clients straight into your bank account each month.

How quickly can I expect to get my first client?
That all depends on how fast you want to. The reality is you can have this complete system setup an hour or two after you purchase. So you can literally hit the streets and get your first trial clients tomorrow.

Does this work in my country?
The SMS software supports the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

Does this software work on Windows and Mac?
Yes. This is an online software tool meaning all you need is a web browser to access the software. It will work on all your devices.

How does a business send out promotional messages?
You can create a sub-user account for every business you work with. This allows the business to login and access only their contact list and send broadcast text messages whenever they want.

Are there any additional costs? 
The only additional costs you will incur are those for the sending of the SMS messages. They start as low as just $0.0075 cents per SMS message in the USA. For an exact breakdown of SMS prices in your country, visit the Twilio pricing page.

Do you have a refund guarantee? 
Due to the nature of this special deal, there will be no change of mind refunds. However if something does not work as advertised, you will certainly get your money back. I am also only an email away if you ever get stuck or have any questions.

What do I pay after the first year? 
To continue using the SMS software after the first 12 month period you will pay an additional $297 per 12 month period. You lock in that heavily discounted price today. And don't worry, we'll contact you before charging you in 12 months time.
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